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How to use Social Media for Business in Regina Like a Pro and Grow, Grow, Grow!

How to use Social Media for Business in Regina Like a Pro and Grow, Grow, Grow!

If you try to be everything to everyone you’re being nothing to anyone.

All too often, small business owners are missing the mark when it comes to their social media presence in a bid to grow. Too many business owners are trying to be on every social media platform and aren’t really moving the needle.

This is likely the result of misinformation, confusion and a lack of understanding how social media marketing for businesses works.

If this sounds like what your business is doing online —

The bad news?

You’re likely spread thin, running on fumes and questioning what all the buzz is about with social media and businesses.

The good news?

It’s time to change the way you’ve been doing social media to date. This is a chance to learn how to use social media for business in Regina and grow, grow, grow!

So, let’s uncover how to stay in your lane and avoid spreading yourself too thin as a small business owner when being active on social media:

First things first, it’s time to determine where your business should have a social media presence by figuring out who your business is trying to speak to.

  1. Ideal Clients — These are the people who’ve helped your business grow to date and in marketing terminology are referred to as your “target audience”. Start by creating client avatars to make sure you're attuned to who these people are (3 client avatars is a great starting point). This will be the beginning of your journey to honing in on which social media platforms your business should focus its energy and efforts toward. Learn how to create client avatars here.

    Once you know who your business is trying to speak to — it’s time to figure out which social media platforms they’ll be frequenting.
  2. Social Media Platforms — Different social media platforms attract different demographics. Some social media platforms may be the perfect fit for your business while others could be all sorts of wrong. At this point, you’ll need to cross-reference your client avatars and do some research on which social media platforms they will likely be frequenting. Combining the right social media platforms to the people you’re trying to communicate to is paramount. Discover which social media platforms are a match for your business here.

    Now that you’ve determined which social media platforms your business should have a presence, what’s next?
  3. Decisions — The goal is to dominate a few channels at a time, with high frequency and this will help you stay on top of the mind of your ideal clients. Out of the social media platforms above that will reach your ideal clients — which ones can you commit your business to and guarantee a stellar social media presence? Pick that social media platform or platforms and go all-in! Check out key considerations before making your next move here.

    After you’ve chosen the social media platforms that will benefit your business, it’s time to understand how these chosen social media platforms work.
  4. Research — If your business is going to have a stellar social media presence, you better be prepared to understand what works and doesn’t with the social media platforms you’re committing to. Afterall, it takes more than understanding where your people will be. You need to finish with messaging that is communicated in a way that will work with the social media platform here.

    For example, Facebook generally does not need hashtags and posts with them look out of place. Breathtaking images and engaging videos are popular on Instagram and how-to videos are the way of the future with TikTok.

So, now it is time to reach your customers! As a small business owner, you now know How to use Social Media for Business in Regina so you can grow, grow, grow!



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Did you know that 78% of consumer purchases are impacted by companies' social media posts? Social media is only increasing in popularity and has become one of the main marketing channels for businesses to get in front of their ideal clientele.

This is dependent on your business' target audience. Once we review your social media questionnaire, we will be able to determine which social media platforms your business should have accounts on.

Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

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