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How to WIN at Social Media Marketing in Regina with Client Avatars

How to WIN at Social Media Marketing in Regina with Client Avatars

When you’re sharing content on social media for your business — do you know who you are trying to communicate to and what type of content your followers like to consume?

Did you know some of the most popular businesses on social media have a firm understanding of who their ideal customers are when marketing to them online?

Contrary to popular belief, the more specific you can be with your ideal customers, the more likely your business will succeed at growing. Therefore, every business small or large should identify who its ideal customers are in order to WIN at Social Media Marketing in Regina.

Discovering who your business’s ideal customers are is the foundation for social media marketing initiatives and will dictate where your business:

  • Focuses its efforts and attention online
  • The products and services offered
  • The messaging of the copy and content shared AND
  • Who will be targeted for paid advertisements

But — where to start?

Let’s dissect what an ideal customer is:

  • Loyal
  • A big spender
  • A repeat customer AND
  • A referral machine

So — now that we know what defines an ideal customer. How do we figure out who our business’s ideal customers are?

The best way to determine who a business’s ideal customers are is by using Client Avatars. Client Avatars are a detailed profile of a business’s ideal customer and touches on:

  • Demographics
  • How they consume information and
  • Their challenges and Pain Points

Creating Client Avatars and understanding as a business who you’re targeting can be extremely powerful with Social Media Marketing in Regina.

Below we’ll go through a 3-step process for working with Client Avatars so you can discover who your business’s ideal clients are with ease:

Step 1:

Download our Client Avatar document here.

Step 2:

Think about existing customers that your business currently has that you want more of, along with customers that you would like to have that possess “ideal customer” traits listed above.

Existing Customers —

These are the people who you’ve sold to in the past and who you would like to continue that relationship with for many years to come. You like these people so much — that you’re hoping to attract many more people with similar needs and wants and in turn grow your business.

Prospective Customers —

These are the people you haven’t sold to yet, but dream of doing so one day soon. These people are the perfect fit for your business and will help you take it to the next level.

Now, take the time to write out a specific customer (existing or prospective) and fill out the Client Avatar worksheet downloaded in Step 1.

Step 3:

Repeat this 2 more times. Generally, a business has 3 ideal customers.

Now that you have a firm understanding of who your ideal customers are, you can tailor your content to make sure that it’s speaking to them and share information on platforms they likely frequent.

Understanding who your business’s ideal clients are are is essential to successfully growing your business and succeeding at Social Media Marketing in Regina.

Unsure of which social media platforms your ideal customers will likely be using? Check out this blog article here and discover which social media platforms are a match.


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