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Decoding Platforms to Shine at Social Media Marketing in Regina

Decoding Platforms to Shine at Social Media Marketing in Regina

It’s almost go-time! This is the fourth and final step on How to Use Social Media for Business in Regina Like a Pro and Grow, Grow, Grow! 

You have a firm understanding of who your business wants to communicate to on social media, which social media platforms your ideal clients frequent and which platforms you plan on targeting for your communication strategy.

This is the last piece of the puzzle. It's time to create a stellar social media presence for your business by learning which social media content performs best for the platforms your business is committing to. That way, you’ll be able to tailor your business’s desired messages to the social media platforms you’ve chosen and shine at social media marketing in Regina.


First and foremost —

A good-performing communication piece on social media consists of:

  • Visual (high-resolution)
  • Copy
  • Mentions (if applicable)
  • Product tags (if applicable)
  • Location (depending on the platform)
  • Hashtags (depending on the platform) 


Facebook — 

Facebook is the most popular social media platform and the content that performs best are:

  • Short videos
  • Blog posts 
  • Curated content

On a Facebook Business Page, your business has the ability to mention other businesses (if relevant), tag products and add a location. I always recommend avoiding hashtags unless it is part of a larger cross-platform social media campaign as the majority of users do not search for content by hashtags. A high-resolution visual is a must and the copy doesn’t have to be too long. However, Facebook does have a lengthy character limit, therefore paragraph spacing is a great way to capture readers' attention.


Twitter —

Twitter is one of the original social media platforms and the content that performs best are:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • News
  • Blog Posts

Twitter is the go-to platform for quick and fast information — especially news. In a Tweet, your business has the ability to mention other businesses/people (if applicable) and add hashtags plus a high-resolution visual and short and sweet copy. Tip: Use a trending hashtag(s) if it works with your business's messaging and audience to get your Tweet in front of more viewers.


LinkedIn —

LinkedIn’s social media platform is the hub for business professionals and the content that performs best are:

  • Industry Trends
  • How-tos
  • Thought Leadership
  • Company News

LinkedIn’s social media platform is geared toward business professionals and the users who frequent the platform expect that type of content when they log in. I always recommend mentioning other businesses/people (if it works with the message strategy) and using four hashtags that compliment the communication piece. The copy can be longer in length as long as it isn’t too overwhelming (business professionals are normally on a time crunch) and a high-resolution visual is preferred.


Instagram —

Instagram is another popular social media platform and the content that performs best are:

  • High-resolution images
  • Reels
  • Stories
  • Quotes

The main focus for Instagram when it began was high-resolution pictures. Which hasn’t changed, however the type of visuals being consumed are. Reels, stories and quotes have been added to the mix. Mentioning other accounts and product tags work well with this platform as well as locations and hashtags. Copy can be short and to the point, however longer copy (storytelling) also works well on this platform.


YouTube —

YouTube is the largest video platform of all time. It’s no secret that the content that performs best is:

  • Videos

Videos can be short or long in length and include everything from behind-the-scenes, how to’s and promotional videos. The copy for your business’s videos should include a short overview of the contents of the video and include links where viewers can find more information such as your business's website and other social media platforms owned by your business.


Pinterest —

Pinterest is a well established social media platform and the content that performs best are:

  • Infographics
  • DIY Guides
  • GIFs

A visual plays an important role in your business’s content due to the nature of the feed. A title, short description and web link can also be included making it perfect for product-based sales. 


Snapchat —

Snapchat is the perfect platform to get in-touch with your business's playful side and the content that performs best are:

  • Stories
  • Sponsored Lenses
  • Sponsored Geofilters

Snapchat’s video clips/behind-the-scenes do not have to be perfectly created. Real visuals perform best here and allow your business to be humanized. Website links can be included, a combination of video clips/photos can be incorporated, text, links, music and gifs can all be added to snap stories. 


TikTok —

TikTok takes the cake for most time spent on the platform and it’s no question that the content that performs best are:

  • Short videos

TikTok has changed the way we consume content and the platform allows the creator access to many tools to produce videos from a mobile device. Short copy, fun emojis related to the video and relevant trending hashtags are your business’s best course of action.


Now that we’ve decoded the social media platforms to shine at social media marketing in Regina, you can begin growing your business! Want to figure out how to best unveil your communication strategy on social media? Check out this blog article on social media planning here.



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