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Secrets from a Social Media Manager in Regina on Killer Visual Content

Secrets from a Social Media Manager in Regina on Killer Visual Content

Has a business’s post, story, reel, TikTok ever caught your attention? Has it made you yearn for more? You’re instantly in the honeymoon phase with this business and before you know it — you’re their #1 fan (and follower)?

As a business owner, building an online community that’s hooked on your social media content is the dream. Unfortunately, a recent study from Microsoft indicates humans now have the attention span of a goldfish when browsing online. A business only has 8 seconds to catch the attention of their prospective customers.

Providing visual content that will grab your prospective customers’ attention and draw them in should be a priority when it comes to executing your business’s social media strategy. In this blog article I will reveal secrets from a Social Media Manager in Regina on how to execute your Social Media Strategy Using Killer Visual Content —

A methodical approach is always best when sharing content on social media with your following. Content consists of different elements — today we’re going to focus on visual content which is arguably the most engaging content on social media platforms alike. 

The first step when sharing killer content on social media platforms is to have a firm understanding of which content works with the social media platform(s) you’re using by reviewing this blog post here.

But — then what? 


When sharing killer visual content it is best for it to be: 


  1. “Good Quality”:
  • High-resolution
  • Properly-sized
  • Attractive

When content is being pumped out by businesses and people alike at unprecedented highs, it’s important to share visual content that is good quality. Something such as a low-resolution image, incorrectly-sized or unattractive visual will likely cause a viewer to avoid the content altogether as they will find little to no value in it. Hampering your efforts in gaining new customers for your business through social media.


  1. “Easily Digestible”: 
  • Creative
  • Minimal
  • Clean

If the human brain only has 8 seconds to process an image you want to make sure it goes in parcel with what you’re trying to communicate. Aim to use visuals that have movement in them and don’t be afraid to try something that hasn’t been done before. You want to steer clear of causing the viewer too much work, as they will likely skip your business’s social media content and move to the next.


  1. “Attention Grabbing”:
  • Emotion
  • Faces
  • Focal Point

How do you stand out against the crowd? You share attention grabbing visuals that pull on the viewers’ heart strings. Does your visual evoke happiness, sadness, fear or anger? Include faces in your visual as much as possible as psychology states that viewers are drawn to visuals with faces in it more. Also, include the most important piece in the centre of the image. Our eyes are naturally drawn to it.


  1. “On Point”:
  • Branding
  • Messaging

When your business is sharing visual content on social media, it should be aligned to your business’s branding and consistent with your business’s messaging. People are drawn to see patterns and if the branding is similar from visual to visual — it's more likely to keep your followers' attention. In addition, consistent messaging will strengthen your brand and everything it stands for. 


Now that you’re aware of what constitutes killer visual content for your business’s social media accounts — how do you obtain these visuals? From my experience as a Social Media Manager Regina, the best way is by hiring a photographer and/or videographer to have an inventory bank of killer visuals you or your employee/contractor can pump out consistently. Not to mention, it will add that cohesive element where all of your visuals are similar.

If a photographer and/or videographer is out of reach for your business right now, paying for a stock image account could also do the trick depending on the industry your business is in and if you want to take a DIY approach and have the tools and a generous amount of time — you could also create the visual content yourself.

Next up? 12 Storytelling Structures to follow when writing your businesses social media posts here.



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