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12 Storytelling Structures to Use Right Now for Social Media in Regina to Hook Your Followers

12 Storytelling Structures to Use Right Now for Social Media in Regina to Hook Your Followers

Curating enticing copy (writing) on your social media post is just as important as sharing a killer visual. The visual may draw viewers in, but it’s the copy of the social media post that will communicate your business’s desired message and direct the reader into taking an action of your choosing.

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Your business should be sharing copy on social media in Regina that is aligned to your business’s mission and values. Your social media posts should have a consistent “tone” of voice linked to your brand's personality (more on that here). All while engaging your online community and increasing sales.


A business needs to share information on social media in a way that resonates and engages its viewers. Which is where storytelling comes in. People love a good story and following a storytelling structure is key to getting readers hooked and taking action. 

Here I’m going to share with you 12 Storytelling Structures to use right now for Social Media in Regina to hook your business's followers:



Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

First attract your audience with an attention-grabbing headline. Then stimulate their interest by describing your main benefit. After, deepen their desire further by providing more benefits and finish with a clear call-to-action.




2. The Three Act Structure

Act 1, Act 2, Act 3.

Set-up where the stage is set and the character(s) introduced. Then go into confrontation where the problems faced are highlighted and built up. Following a resolution of the problem with your product or service.



3. Before-After-Bridge

Start by describing the world with a problem. Then imagine what the world would be like if the problem stated was solved and then answer the bridge on getting there.



4. Problem-Agitate-Solve

Begin by presenting a problem. Then include the fall-out from this problem and conclude by sharing a solution for the problem.



5. Star-Chain-Hook

Highlight your product/service idea at the beginning. Then include a series of facts, sources, benefits and reasons. Finishing with a clear call-to-action.


6. Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

Initiate the copy with why the company exists and then lead into how the company fulfills its “Why”. Followed by what the company does to fulfil it’s “Why”.


7. Dale Carnegie’s Magic Formula

Incident, Action, Benefit

Set the tone by sharing a relevant, personal experience. Then steer the story by describing a specific action taken to solve or prevent a problem. Ending with the benefits of the action.


8. Dave Lieber’s V Formula

Introduction, Low Point, Happy Ending

Introduce the character and then bring the story to its lowest point. Turn it around and finish with a happy ending.


9. Freytag’s Pyramid

Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Denouement

Provide background and context at the beginning for the exposition. Then move into the rising action and build the conflicts and challenges which lead to the climax — the most exciting point in the story. Leading into the falling action where the action continues with a resolution of the conflict action from the climax and concluding with the denouement which forms the ending of the story.


10. The Hero’s Journey

Departure, Initiation, Return

Initially, a hero receives a call to go on an adventure and starts their journey. Then during the initiation phase the hero meets a series of challenges but eventually completes the mission and the hero returns and helps others with their new found power or treasure.

11. Nancy Duarte’s Secret Structure of Great Talks

What is, What could be, New bliss

Starting with the “status quo”, then turning it into the future that could be possible and concluding with the wonderful future with your idea/product/service adopted.



12. Pixar’s Award-Winning Formula

There was, Every Day, One Day, Because of that, Because of that, Until finally.

Once upon a time there was _____. Every day, ______. One day ______. Because of that, ______. Because of that, ______. Until finally ______.

What are you waiting for? Start implementing these 12 Storytelling Structures for Social Media in Regina AND hook your business's followers today!




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