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How to Unveil Your Business's Communication Strategy Online from a Social Media Manager in Regina's Perspective

How to Unveil Your Business's Communication Strategy Online from a Social Media Manager in Regina's Perspective

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. This quote rings true in many areas of a business — especially a business’s social media presence.

Have you ever seen a business whose social media presence is on point and makes sense while another business’s social media presence is dull and confusing? This is not by coincidence. Social media planning is at the heart of every successful businesses social media presence.

Social media planning is the best way to begin unveiling your business’s communication strategy and building a stellar social media presence for two reasons: Strategy and time. Developing a social media strategy will help guarantee the resources your business has dedicated to social media are not in vain and will also save your business time by planning ahead. Keep reading to see a social media manager in Regina's guide to creating a social media strategy for your business.


The best way to develop a social media plan for your business from a social media manager in Regina's perspective is:


  1. Set SMART goal(s) of what your business is aiming to achieve with a social media presence. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound.

What do you want to accomplish? How will you know when you’ve accomplished it? How can it be accomplished? Is the goal worth working hard to accomplish and when will the goal be accomplished?

Does your business want to gain X number of loyal followers, sell X amount of product or have X new clients for your service? Create a list of 2-3 goals your business would like to achieve with its social media presence and dates on when these goals will be accomplished and how you will measure the success of them. Remember to write them down so you can keep referring to them once your social media strategy has been unveiled.


  1. Decide how often your business will be communicating via which social media platforms to achieve the SMART goals(s)

What can your business realistically commit to? Are you hiring someone to do this work for you or do you have an employee in house? A good rule of thumb when trying to estimate the monthly time committed to social media is to say that one post will equate to one hour of work. Although this is an estimate, when you factor in strategizing, producing/acquiring content, scheduling/posting and community management — it’s not far off.


  1. Create “themes” that the underlying messages your business will be communicating can be grouped into.

I recommend breaking it down into 3 themes to begin with and if you have an average of 4 posts/week going out — to then move to 5 themes after a few months once you’re comfortable incorporating even more varied content.

Pro Tip: The best way to set out on your business’s stellar social media presence is to share valuable information in your industry that others likely do not know but would be interested in. This will help make your business an authority in the online community.


  1. Consider important dates in a calendar year that are aligned to your business and what it stands for. 


Write down which days are important dates so your business can participate on your business’s social media platforms recognizing and/or celebrating these dates:

  • National Days

  • Holidays

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • ...and more!


  1. Build a social media calendar incorporating the content themes you’re going to move forward with and the important dates you’ve outlined.

Pro Tip: Your first social media post should be an introduction of who your business is and how you plan to help your followers with your business’s presence.

Get started on the new year and download this 2022 social media calendar here.


Now that you have gone through the process of unveiling your communication strategy for your business with social media planning from a social media manager in Regina's perspective — the next step is to execute! 



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