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How to Grow Your Brand with the Power of Micro Influencer Marketing

How to Grow Your Brand with the Power of Micro Influencer Marketing

The birth of micro influencers has shaken up the marketing game. A micro influencer is an influential expert in a specific industry that consumers trust with their purchase decisions.

Learn how to harness the power of micro influencers into your social media marketing strategy and grow your brand.

Do you have an account or two on Instagram that you’re attentive to their every move?

These accounts post frequently and you’re highly engaged. You appreciate them sharing specific details about their lives. Including where they’re eating, exercising, shopping and even what they are wearing.

They feel like a friend although you’ve never met in-person. You can relate to them. Their struggles are similar to yours and seeing them on Instagram has become a form of comfort to you. 

You look up to this individual and trust them and their opinions and views. After all, they’re an extension of you and your beliefs and values.

This individual who you’ve fallen for and are hooked on may very well be a micro-influencer. Someone who’s known in the community and has a very specific audience. They have a larger following than normal but aren’t a celebrity by any means. They are down to earth and that’s what adds to their credibility.

As a marketer myself, I can preach that micro-influencers are a great way to create brand awareness with a limited budget. If you match the right product or service to the right micro-influence the results can be dynamite. But let’s get serious: that’s a little dry.

So, I’ll share with you a recent experience incorporating two micro-influencers into a marketing strategy and the crazy amount of engagement that quickly followed:

One of my social media management clients is an iconic bridal salon in Regina, Saskatchewan. They are known for having a beautiful collection of wedding gowns from high-end designers across the globe and are one of the “it” places in Saskatchewan when shopping for the dress of your dreams. 

But their unmatched reputation isn’t enough when it comes to promoting a product or service. Honestly, no business’s reputation can help promote a product or service. That takes a level of strategic marketing. Yes, a business’s reputation is the backbone of the foundation that their business is built on. But when promoting something, they still need to get it across to the masses. And in this specific case, the task at hand was to promote a sale for sample gowns. 

We deliberately reached out to two specific micro-influencers in the Regina area who both had engaged followings aligned to the bridal salon’s target audience and asked them to create reels wearing the gowns that were on sale, helping us promote the sale to their followers and ours.

These were the results from those two micro influencers on social media alone: 

  • 12.7K reel views, 407 likes, 52 comments 
  • 14.5K reel views, 310 likes, 17 comments

Not only did this micro influencer marketing strategy make the bridal salon’s social media engagement go through the roof. The sale was also a success and it created an unprecedented brand reach. 

But, the best part about growing your brand with micro influencer marketing?

Their following has an unwavering trust for them. The products or services they endorse expedite the sales funnel and bring awareness to your business. 

How cool is that?

Another bonus to leaning on micro influencer marketing to grow your brand?

They hold 91% of the influencer market on Instagram and receive more traction with their following than those accounts who have over 100K due to the Instagram algorithm. Which is why I would highly recommend embracing a micro influencer (or two) in your marketing strategy.

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