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Get the BOOST You've Been Craving with These 5 Proven Social Media Engagement Strategies for 2023

Get the BOOST You've Been Craving with These 5 Proven Social Media Engagement Strategies for 2023

Social media management is never an overnight success story for businesses and brands. It isn’t about creating that one amazing piece of content with the intention to go viral. It's about creating content with purpose. It’s planting seeds, watering them and watching them slowly, but surely grow and blossom.

Engagement is at the heart of all social media management strategies that our Social Media Agency creates and executes. Afterall, its social media engagement that makes a business or brand look relevant, its social media engagement that makes them stay top of mind and its consistent social media engagement that will turn into conversions.

One of the biggest mistakes any business or brand can make when dabbling in social media is leaving out the engagement piece. In this 2 minute read, we’ll share with you 5 Proven Social Media Engagement Strategies for 2023 to level up your social media game and give you the boost you’ve been craving:


  1. Strategy One: Creating Content that’s Engaging

This may seem like common sense. However, from our Social Media Agency’s experience it's the most overlooked. Which is—producing social media content that is engaging for a business’s target audience. 

Knowing your audience and creating content that is relatable and relevant to them is the first thing that will boost engagement. Some tips and tricks when creating content that’s engaging:

  • Adding a high-resolution visual or video

  • Using an attention grabbing catch phrase in the copy

  • Including a call to action (CTA) that poses a question for viewers to comment, or something to encourage likes, double taps and shares.

  1. Strategy Two: Actively Engaging As Your Accounts

Don’t set it and forget about it! Over and over again our Social Media Agency see’s this and it's not a good thing! Social media was created with the intent to be social. Which means you need to spend some time engaging with others in addition to sharing content. 

Blocking out dedicated time in your calendar throughout the month to actively engage as your business or brand on social media is a great way to boost engagement. Some ideas when spending time actively engaging:

  • Following accounts that are similar to your audience that you could convert to customers

  • Spending time on your feed and liking/commenting on your existing followers content

  • Responding to comments and messages

At Grey Dove Design House LTD. We offer both engagement and community management in our social media packages so our clients' accounts are actively engaged and our clients don’t have to worry about comments and messages getting missed. Want to know more about this? Send a line here.


  1. Strategy Three: Get in Front of a Larger Audience

Don’t play small! Spread your seed! You could have an amazing product or service but unless you’re getting in front of a larger audience, your efforts will be in vain.

Incorporating a paid strategy into your social media plan can help boost engagement fast when carrying it out right. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Harnessing the power of micro-influencers that have an audience similar to yours

  • Boosting posts that are performing well and using the lookalike audience feature

  • Creating contests & Giveaways with prizes relevant to your target audience that encourage shares and tags that will push your account out in front of new faces with similar interests

  1. Strategy Four: Build an Intimate Experience

It’s not all about the sale. Many times, a customer will keep coming back because of the feeling and experience they get before the sale. Set the mood online by creating an exclusive group that can be an extension of your brand or business. 

Where you will be able to showcase promotions, reinforce your authority and be there to answer your customer’s questions and needs. There’s different ways to do this depending on the social media platform you are on. A couple of suggestions: 

  • Facebook Groups

  • Instagram Groups (NEW)

  • TikTok Group Chats

  1. Strategy Five: Take Advantage of the Platform Your Using

Time and time again our Social Media Agency is conducting an audit on a prospective client and sees the same content being used across all platforms. Content can be similar from one platform to another, however, the content should be tailored to the social media platform its being shared to in a way that will yield the highest engagement possible.

Some minor tweaks to consider when sharing the same content from platform to platform:

  • Visual sizing

  • Copy 

  • Hashtags

There are a lot more capabilities that each social media platform has than the three listed above. It’s highly recommended you understand the ins and outs of the different algorithms for the social media platforms that you’re sharing content to so you can create and share content that will boost engagement.

Trying to promote a product or service but don’t want to come off spammy? Check out 9 Creative Ways to Post on Social Media Without Coming Off Spammy here. 


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